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We specialize in challenging protein expression goals.

Cell Line Development


Everything from DNA vector to purified protein and process for large-scale manufacturing.

We cover the value chain from DNA construction & transfection, to scalable process development, to rapid protein manufacture and the development of scalable (GMP) processes.

ExcellGene™ technology is one of the most advanced for rapid production of recombinant proteins – up to several grams of product delivered within weeks.

Cell-line Development

From DNA to high-yielding clonal population

Rapid Protein Production

Production in weeks from 1mL to 100L scale

Process Development for High Yield

Fine-tuning of media and process conditions


Pioneering, on every level.

The company has developed proprietary technologies and know-how that are key for the delivery of its clients’ projects on a timely manner and with a high degree of customization.

Some are also available to license.


CHO Transient Transfection Kit

Inhouse protein expression, made easy.


CHOexpress™ host cells

The fastest growing CHO host for biotech


HEKExpress™ host cells

Pioneering single-cell suspension for transient gene expression


OrbShake bioreactors

Original technology generated by ExcellGene scientists

Clients from all around the world.

ExcellGene has assisted more than a hundred clients since inception, which include 6 of the top 10 pharma companies, biotech companies, contract research organizations and academic institutions.




Big pharma





  • Biotech 47%
  • Big pharma 25%
  • Academic 10%
  • Other 18%

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