CHO Transient Transfection Kit


  • An easy to use in-house TGE protein expression kit
  • An all-in-one system (reagents, medium, process)
  • 15h cell doubling time: fast scale-up
  • Cost-efficient for in-house use
  • 90%+ transfection efficiency
  • A 10mL cell tube typically results in 3-5mg protein in CCS
  • Compatible with most commercial vectors

ExcellGene has long been at the forefront of technologies for transient gene expression, including for large-scale operations.

Prof. Florian Wurm and the team developed the CHO Transient Transfection Kit, a transfection kit for clients who want the best technology for rapid protein expression in-house. It delivers high protein levels in cell culture supernatants, and expresses large quantities of proteins of any source.

The Transfection Kits’ cells are derived from CHOExpress™ host cells. They boast a 15-hour doubling time, grow to high density, and have a transfection efficiency of over 90%. One transfection in a 10mL culture tube typically results in 3-5mg of protein.

Included with a licensing agreement, our simple set of protocols for transfection and short-term production ensure that your project runs quickly and under budget.

Cell transfection has never been easier.