CHOExpress™ Host Cells

CHF 20,000

A one-of-a-kind TGE protein expression kit.


    >A remarkable CHO host
  • Fast-growing, high yields (> 5g/L with many protein targets)
  • Robust at high density (> 20 million cells/mL)
  • Very high sub cultivation ratios possible (> 1/20)
  • Stable & sturdy for high scale manufacturing
  • Highly compatible with other systems
  • Product quality equivalence from transient & stable production
  • FDA & EMEA validated. TSE, BSE, microplasma-free. Immortalized.

ExcellGene has developed a uniquely high-performing production host system for large-scale manufacturing.

CHOExpress™ derivative clonal populations commonly show fast growth to densities over 20 million cells/mL, process yields over 5g/L, and great robustness for high-scale manufacturing (100 doublings).

The cell line is the result of nearly a decade of work, and is validated with FDA and EMEA cell line documentation, including TSE, BSE and mycoplasma-free statements. The cell line is immortalized.

We can guide you in ensuring favorable phenotypes in CHOExpress™-derived clonal populations. ExcellGene’s knowledge on gene transfer and isolation of top-performing cell populations is at your disposal.

CHOExpress™ is highly compatible with other systems, and can be used royalty-free.

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