HEKExpress™ Cells

CHF 20,000

A one-of-a-kind TGE protein expression kit.


  • A pioneering single-cell suspension host for TGE
  • Highest transient expression yield ever reported in the literature (> 1g/L)
  • Single-cell suspension – no aggregates!
  • Easy scale-up in various animal component free media types
  • Steadfast cultivation to very high cell densities in ExcellGene’s proprietary media.

HEKExpress™ is a fast-growing, productive and robust HEK-293 derived cell line for large-scale manufacturing of recombinant proteins.

After nearly a decade of work with the adherent cell line, ExcellGene has generated an aggregate-free single-cell suspension culture with very high transfection efficiency. This also means scale-up in serum-free, animal component-free or chemically defined media is easy.

HEKExpress™ demonstrates the highest TGE yield ever reported in the literature (> 1g/L). HEK-293 cells are commonly used for academic research, and are very suited for transient gene expression.

We can provide this host system for license, along with our proprietary chemically defined medium.

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