Everything from DNA vector to product.

ExcellGene covers the value chain from DNA construction and transfection to scalable process development, to rapid protein and VLP manufacturing.

Our science-based approaches provide some of the fastest and most reliable results that the industry can provide.

Cell line and process development

From DNA to high-yielding clonal population or highly productive process for protein or virus vector.

What we do
  • Protein variant optimization by transient gene expression
  • Upstream and Downstream Process Development
  • Stable cGMP ready cell line within 12 months
  • Increase in product titer up to 10 fold
  • Media and feed optimizations
  • Customized medium development for target molecule
  • Thorough analytics and follow up USP/DSP
  • AAV/Adenovirus vector production and optimization
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ExcellGene’s expertise in Upstream Process Development is defined by years of work with thousands of proteins. We work with many cell lines including CHO, HEK-293, SP2.0, and NSO.

Cell line generation – a stable, high-yielding cell line within 12 months. An ExcellGene cell host has never failed a stability test. Bulletproof clonality.

Cell line optimization – typically, 10x increases in titer.

Extensive media and feed screening – up to 40 media and 20 feed types in parallel. We also develop customer-owned media and feed formulations.

Thorough analytics – throughout USP and DSP.

A dedicated project leader with years of experience will guide the efforts for your project.

Rapid protein production

Rapid production in weeks from the 1mL to 10L scale

What we do
  • Fast, reliable protein production
  • Research & development-grade
  • Feasability studies
  • High-throughput screening of protein variants
  • Delivery of your protein/virus within 4 weeks
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We provide fast, reliable protein production services.

Over decades, our proprietary CHOExpress™ and HEKExpress-293™ cells have been optimized for rapid growth, efficient DNA uptake, high protein expression and high density in suspension cultures.

Upon protein sequence receipt, we perform vector and DNA sequence optimization to obtain high titers after transfections. 

In addition, our CHOExpress™ expression system allows screening of protein variants in record time: up to 1000 protein variants tested in parallel and up to 80µg per protein generated.

The bottom line: extremely rapid production from the 1mL to 10L scale, and the delivery of your product within 4 weeks after vector availability.

VLP Production

From DNA to high yielding AAV, Lentivirus or Adenovirus vector production (VLPs)

What we do
  • Construction of suitable expression vectors
  • Use of a fully characterized, suspension adapted (ACF) HEK cell line 
  • Transient transfections of vector cocktails for optimal VLP production (no baculo virus)
  • Process and medium optimization for scale up and production
  • Delivery of a ready to go cGMP process for optimization, including host cells, vectors, media and process conditions.

cGMP Master Cell Banking

Master cell Banks and working cell banks of

  • Up to 500 vials each can be prepared,
  • Vials with > 10 million cells
  • Viability of cells after thaw > 95%

Our flexible cGMP unit allows banking of cell cultures for any client to use an immortalized cell line for protein production and more.

Mammalian Cell Bank GMP manufacturing service is taking place in one GMP- compliant manufacturing suite and a dedicated storage suite of finished products at lower than -70°C.

The products are tested by qualified testing vendors for characterization assays according ICH guidelines, adopted by regulatory bodies of the European Union, Japan and USA, and are released under a standard pharmaceutical quality system pursuant to Swiss Agency for Therapeutic Products regulations and to the PIC/S guide to Good Manufacturing Practice for Medicinal Products.


Clean room

ISO5 (EU class A, US 100) and ISO7 (EU class C, US 10’000).

Our clean room installation has been inspected and approved by the Swiss Agency for Therapeutic Products Swissmedic.

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