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Our services in stable cell line development and recombinant protein manufacturing cover the value chain - from DNA construction and transfection to CHO and HEK process development, to large-scale protein production. Our cGMP compliant facility enables the generation of Master Cell Banks and Master Working Banks (MCB, MWB).

Cell line development

Early on in our development of the CHOExpress™ and HEKExpress-293™ systems, we were able to identify highly stable and robust cell lines for transfection, production and scale-up. Because of this, we can now develop cell lines in less than 5 months.

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cGMP master cell banking

We provide the highest standard of quality at our Swissmedic inspected facility. Our flexible cGMP plant allows banking of cell cultures for clients that use an immortalized cell line for protein production.

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Rapid protein production

Get up to 200 mg of protein in 3 weeks and up to 20 g of protein in 2 months. Our proprietary transient gene expression CHOExpress™ and HEKExpress-293™ cells have been optimized for rapid growth, efficient DNA uptake, high protein expression and high density in suspension cultures (> 30 million cells/mL).

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Virus-like particle production

We provide optimization for multi-gene constructs, media optimizations for transfection and product generation. Our system uses no baculovirus and is therefore purely transfection based.

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Tox material production

Have you been limited by not having enough materials to properly design your pre-clinical studies in animals? ExcellGene will help you plan experiments without the worry of running short of materials. We can deliver up to 500 grams of drug substance from a single batch.

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Our technologies

A uniquely science-driven CDMO

Since 2001, ExcellGene has developed proprietary technologies and know-how that are key for the delivery of its clients’ projects on a timely manner and with a high degree of customization.

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We serve biotech clients worldwide

Our science-based approaches provide some of the fastest and most reliable results in the biotech industry. We have served over a hundred clients, including 6 of the top 10 firms in the biotechnology industry.

  • Biotech 47% 47%
  • Big pharmaceutical 25% 25%
  • Academic 11% 11%
  • Other 18% 18%

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