Cell line development services

ExcellGene’s reliable process and exceptional CHO cell host are the result of over twenty years of innovation and fine-tuning. Here’s what you can expect.

High Titers

up to 14 g/L, 5 to 10-fold improvement

Speedy timelines

From DNA to highly productive, stable clone in 8 weeks

Diverse protein formats

mAbs, biosimilars, bispecifics, fusion proteins, etc...

Robust cells for scalable processes

up to 10,000 L

What properties make CHOExpress® host cells exceptional?

19 hours doubling time
Grow to high density
>30 million cells/mL in fed-batch culture
High sub-cultivation ratios
Higher than 1:20
High sub-cultivation ratios
Higher than 1:20

Developing your cell line with ExcellGene

Each project is customized to client needs and handled with a dedicated team.
Tap into more than 20 years of expertise in cell line development and protein manufacturing technology.
We’re deeply committed to achieving your milestones, timelines and target titers.

Your cell line development timeline

From DNA to IND

Your gene is integrated into transcriptionally active DNA, which guarantees high productivity, high cell line stability (>95%) and high comparability between stable pools and clones.

Extensive media and feed screening to identify optimal production conditions
Cell line stability study is included
Development of scalable upstream and downstream processes and tech transfer (optional)
Use of Design of Experiments (DoE) for process optimization
State-of-the-art FDA and EMA compliant cloning procedures for documented proof of clonality
Support for assay development and analytics
Cell line development reports which support clinical trials and market authorization (IND, CTA/BLA, MAA)
Full freedom in choice of media and feeds, including proprietary media
Licensing opportunities for the CLD platform are available.
Download the PDF
For your convenience, this overview of our cell line development services is available as a downloadable PDF.