Cell Line Development

We provide efficient cell line development solutions for protein expression in cultivated animal cells, from simple antibodies to complex proteins. We pride ourselves on a uniquely science-based focus ensuring top results, reliability and the timely delivery of your projects.

During the creation of the CHOExpress™ and HEKExpress-293™ systems for CHO and HEK cell line development, we were able to identify highly stable and robust cell lines for scale-up. Therefore, we can now develop cell lines in less than 5 months. Along with USP/DSP development, we excel at adjusting chemically defined media and feeds to deliver 2 to 10 times higher titer than industry standards.

What we do

  • Transfect cells very efficiently to integrate the gene of interest DNA into active chromatin
  • Generate highly productive recombinant cell pools (> 3 g/L for IgGs)
  • Establish clonal CHO cell lines with documented evidence of clonality
  • Establish research cell banks and study their stability (>3 months without selection)
  • Media, feed and clone screening for identification of optimal match of physiology and genetics for highest yield and quality to obtain 5-14 g/L yields for IgGs and other proteins
  • Apply DOE for process optimization
  • Execute and develop thorough analytics and specific assay development support
  • Develop scalable upstream and downstream processes for transfer in CMOs

It's in our DNA

ExcellGene has decades of accumulated know-how in protein expression with many mammalian cells including CHO, HEK-293, SP2.0 and NSO. Because of our science-driven approach to cell line development, we provide expert solutions to express any protein of interest, from simple to complex, ensuring high titers.

In a fed-batch process, ExcellGene’s CHOExpress™ platform sustains high viability while cell density reaches 16 × 106 cells/mL in 7 days and maintains high viability for the entire production (A) while protein concentrations reach 11 g/L in 16 days (B).

ExcellGene is known as the clone clinic, where your cells are nurtured by our specialists. We will modify and optimize conditions resulting in higher productivity. Cell line development projects are customized to individual needs and handled by a dedicated team that communicates closely with you.

CELL LINE DEVELOPMENT A stable, high-yielding cell line within 3 months
CELL LINE OPTIMIZATION Increase your cell line yield 2 to 5 times over initial titer
EXTENSIVE MEDIA AND FEED SCREENING We develop customer-owned media and feed formulations.

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