cGMP Master Cell Banking

Obtain the highest standard of quality of Master Cell Banks (MCB) and Working Cell Banks (WCB) at our Swissmedic-inspected cleanroom facility. Our cGMP plant allows banking of all cell cultures of immortalized cell line for protein and virus-like particle production.

ExcellGene’s foundation is built on expert knowledge, dependable quality, and on-time delivery. You can trust ExcellGene for the fastest transfer of cells from research and development to cGMP facility.

What we do

  • Establish the highest quality master and working cell banks
  • Provide 1 mL vials of 20 to 40 million cells
  • Generate 200 to 500 vials
  • High cell viability post thawing (typically > 95%)
  • Deliver banks within 20 weeks
  • Coordinate testing and characterization of the bank with qualified protocols and using qualified and audited vendors
  • Test products following ICH guidelines
  • Released under the pharmaceutical quality system of PIC/S guide to GMP for Medicinal Products

ExcellGene is the only Swiss company listed in the database of Swissmedic (FDA and EMA authorized agency) for release of cGMP master cell banks and working cell banks. Our service takes place in a cGMP-compliant manufacturing cleanroom suite and are stored in a dedicated and fully monitored suite.

cGMP Facility

ISO5 (EU class A, US 100) and ISO7 (EU class C, US 10,000)

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