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We made CHO transfection easy. Introducing CHO4Tx®, a unique CHO transfection system developed by ExcellGene in Switzerland, manufactured by Magellan Biologics in Portugal.

Now you can produce your antibody in three simple steps.
No transfection reagent required
One simple, reliable protocol
From milliliter to liter scale
No waiting for DNA complex formation
Works with CHO
Stable or transient transfections

How does it work?

By reducing the attention required to key steps of a conventional transfection protocol, we’ve taken out the guesswork for you to obtain your antibody reliably, in high throughput manner and desired yield.

Simply prepare your cells in the transfection medium, add your DNA, incubate for three hours, and add our production medium to get your protein within a week.

Your antibody in three simple steps

1. Prepare cells
2. Add DNA
3. Produce protein

What’s in the kit?

One simple, reliable protocol
Take the guesswork out of transfection.
4Tx® Transfection, Cultivation, Production Media
— Transfect reliably with an all-in-one reagent. Maintain cells in a balanced medium then increase productivity & extend your culture to 14 days.
Option: CHOExpress® cells
— Our battle-tested, media-optimized cells available for license, ACF.
Option: Expression vector
And/or control vector, available on request.


Microbiology safety cabinet Class II
2 × orbital shaker incubator with 50 mm shaking diameter, at 31 and 37 °C
Centrifuge for 50 mL conical tubes
Vented bioreactor tubes or erlenmeyers
Micropipettes and lab consumables.

Kit sizes

300 mL, 1250 mL and 5000 mL kit sizes!
For between 30 and 500 transfections of 10 mL. Thinking larger? Get in touch and ask us about our stable pool technology
Cultivation Medium CHO CM 4Tx®
In bottles of 500 mL and 1 L.
Download the PDF
For your convenience, this overview of our cGMP cell banking services is available as a downloadable PDF.