Virus-Like Particle Production

ExcellGene’s foundation is built on expert knowledge, dependable quality, and timely delivery. As a pioneer in transient gene expression, ExcellGene provides profound know-how in HEK293-based transient expression processes for the production of all AAV serotypes.

Our offerings provide optimization for multiple, simultaneously transfected constructs as well as optimisations of media and process parameters for high AAV yield. Baculovirus-free.

What we do

  • Transient gene expression in HEK cells at small and multiple liter scale
  • DOE for medium, process and vector optimization at µL and mL scale
  • Bioreactor runs at 1.5, 5, 10, 40 L scale and process transfer

For virus-like particle (VLP) production, ExcellGene develops processes and executes media and transfection reagent optimization for scale-up and production. We provide a ready-to-go cGMP process including host cells, vectors, media and process conditions.

CONSTRUCTION of suitable expression vectors and optimization of vector ratios
FULLY CHARACTERIZED HEK CELLS yours or ours (HEKExpress-293™), suspension adapted in ACF, ready for GMP use
OPTIMISED OF VECTOR COCKTAILS for high yield in VLP production.

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