Leading protein expression technologies for stable and transient

ExcellGene has had a unique focus on science since inception. The resulting proprietary cell culture technologies and know-how ensure the delivery of its’ clients’ projects on time and with a high degree of customization. These leading protein expression technologies are a key component to ExcellGene’s exceptional results, and some have redefined the biotechnology industry altogether. Inquire for licensing opportunities.


CHO Transient Transfection Kit

In-house protein expression, made easy.
What is it?
  • An easy to use in-house TGE protein expression kit
  • An all-in-one system (reagents, medium, process)
  • 15h cell doubling time: fast scale-up
  • Cost-efficient for in-house use
  • 90%+ transfection efficiency
  • A 10mL cell tube typically results in 3-5mg protein in CCS
  • Compatible with most commercial vectors
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ExcellGene has long been at the forefront of technologies for transient gene expression, including for large-scale operations.

Prof. Florian Wurm and the team developed the CHO Transient Transfection Kit, a transfection kit for clients who want the best technology for rapid protein expression in-house. It delivers high protein levels in cell culture supernatants, and expresses large quantities of proteins of any source.

The Transfection Kits’ cells are derived from CHOExpress™ host cells. They boast a 15-hour doubling time, grow to high density, and have a transfection efficiency of over 90%. One transfection in a 10mL culture tube typically results in 3-5mg of protein.

Included with a licensing agreement, our simple set of protocols for transfection and short-term production ensure that your project runs quickly and under budget.

Cell transfection has never been easier.


CHOExpress™ host cells

The fastest growing CHO host for biotech
What is it?
  • A remarkable CHO host
  • Fast-growing, high yields (> 5g/L with many protein targets)
  • Robust at high density (> 20 million cells/mL)
  • Very high sub cultivation ratios possible (> 1/20)
  • Stable & sturdy for large scale manufacturing
  • Product quality equivalence from transient & stable production
  • FDA & EMA validated. TSE, BSE, mycoplasma-free. Continuous cell line, immortalized.
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We developed a uniquely high-performing production host system for large-scale manufacturing.

CHOExpress™ derivative clonal populations commonly show fast growth to densities over 20 million cells/mL, process yields over 5g/L, and great robustness for high-scale manufacturing (100 doublings).

The cell line is the result of nearly a decade of work, and is validated with FDA and EMEA cell line documentation, including TSE, BSE and mycoplasma-free statements. The cell line is immortalized.

We can guide you in ensuring favorable phenotypes in CHOExpress™-derived clonal populations. ExcellGene’s knowledge on gene transfer and isolation of top-performing cell populations is at your disposal.

CHOExpress™ is highly compatible with other systems, and can be used royalty-free.


HEKExpress™ cells

Pioneering single-cell suspension for transient gene expression
and virus like particle production

What is it?
  • A single-cell suspension host system for TGE and VLP production
  • Highest transient expression yield ever reported in the literature (> 1g/L)
  • Highly efficient in AAV9 production and lentivirus. Baculovirus-free
  • Fully characterized, ready for cGMP master cell bank generation and cGMP production
  • Single-cell suspension – no aggregates!
  • Easy scale-up in various animal component free media types
  • High cell density culture in ExcellGene’s CD media and feeds.
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HEKExpress™ is a fast-growing, productive and robust HEK-293 derived cell line for large-scale manufacturing of recombinant proteins.

After nearly a decade of work with the adherent cell line, ExcellGene has generated an aggregate-free single-cell suspension culture with very high transfection efficiency. This also means scale-up in serum-free, animal component-free or chemically defined media is easy.

HEKExpress™ demonstrates the highest TGE yield ever reported in the literature (> 1g/L). HEK-293 cells are commonly used for academic research, and are very suited for transient gene expression.

We can provide this host system for license, along with our proprietary chemically defined medium.

OrbShake bioreactors

Original technology generated by ExcellGene scientists

In the year 2000, most cell culture was done using “Spinner Flasks”, which were unreliable and could not be used in multiples of 10 or more.

In response to the need to evaluate many parameters in a process development project, CEO Dr. Maria Wurm pioneered the method for circular shaking of small cylindrical tubes for cell culture [1].

Based on Dr. De Jesus findings and in collaboration with Kühner Shaker and Sartorius-Stedim, OrbShake technology was developed for larger containers, from 50mL to 2500L in volume, under the guidance of CSO Prof. Florian Wurm until 2015. OrbShake technology is now an industry standard, providing superior performance for suspension cultures, highest gas transfer rates and low shear stress. 

Today, several plastic ware providers sell OrbShake tubes under different names, and many firms use them for research.

A recent publication by former Wurm student Li-kuan Zhu presents insightful engineering data on the use of OrbShake tubes (PDF download). In addition, other papers based on fundamental and applied research of OrbShake technology have been published earlier by the Wurm laboratory: [1], [2], [3].

[1] Maria J. De Jesus, Philippe Girard, Michaela Bourgeois, Gwendoline Baumgartner, Barbara Jacko, Hanspeter Amstutz, Florian M. Wurm, TubeSpin satellites: a fast track approach for process development with animal cells using shaking technology, Biochemical Engineering Journal 17 (2004) 217–223

[2] M. Reclari, M. Dreyer, S. Tissot, D. Obreschkow, F. M. Wurm, and M. Farhat, Surface wave dynamics in orbital shaken cylindrical containers, Physics of Fluids (1994-present)  26, 052104 (2014); doi: 10.1063/1.4874612

[3] Xiaowei Zhang , Matthieu Stettler, Dario De Sanctis, Marco Perrone, Nicola Parolini, Marco Discacciati, Maria De Jesus, David Hacker, Alfio Quarteroni, Florian M. Wurm, Use of Orbital Shaken Disposable Bioreactors for Mammalian Cell Cultures from the Milliliter-Scale to the 1,000-Liter Scale, Adv Biochem Engin/Biotechnol DOI: 10.1007/10_2008_18

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